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Welcome to PortaMx-Forum
This Frontpage demo give you a inspiration of the PortaMx-Forum functions.

What is PortaMx-Forum ?
  • PortaMx-Forum is a free and powerful Forum with a integrated Portal
  • PortaMx-Forum is fast, modular and simple to use
  • PortaMX-Forum have full support for mobile devices
  • PortaMx-Forum is full compatible with the EU legislation on cookie law
The integrated Portal expands the forum with panels (head, top, left, right, bottom, foot) and a frontpage.
In each panel you can have a unlimited number of blocks and you can hide the panels and Blocks on many situations.
Each block  have a Admin part for settings, a Load part (called on load) and a View part (called from template), to present his content.
This structure reduces unnecessary loads and save memory, because the block is only loaded, if it is visible and the code not loaded.
All settings are stored in the database, so we can add new settings without any change on the database tables.
PortaMx-Forum have a integrated Cache System. This will reduce the database querys and the page is loaded faster.