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* Welcome

Welcome to PortaMx-Forum
This Frontpage demo give you a inspiration of the PortaMx-Forum functions.

What is PortaMx-Forum ?
  • PortaMx-Forum is a free and powerful Forum with a integrated Portal and Search Engine Friendly URL's (SEF)
  • PortaMX-Forum have full support for mobile devices
  • PortaMx-Forum is full compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The integrated Portal expands the forum with panels (head, top, left, right, bottom, foot) and a frontpage.
In each panel you can have a unlimited number of blocks and you can hide the panels and Blocks on many situations.
Each block have a Admin part for settings, a Load part (called on load) and a View part (called from template), to present his content.
All settings are stored as JSON-Array in the database, so we can add new settings without any change on the database tables.
PortaMx-Forum have a integrated Cache System. This will reduce the database querys and the page is loaded faster.
PortaMx-Forum is full compatible with PHP 7.2 and Opcode precompiling.